At American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), we take great pride in being part of a learning environment that drives student engagement and social accountability. The healthcare challenges facing our communities today call for doctors who bring both mastery of medical concepts and a will and drive to serve. We believe AUC has a special role to play in meeting these challenges, and in educating the physicians to meet them.

On that note, we're very pleased to create two new scholarships for students in the medical sciences program. These awards recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to our campus and our surrounding community in St. Maarten.

The Social Accountability Award will be awarded to students who have shown leadership and commitment in working with community organizations in St. Maarten. The Student Engagement Award recognizes students who have made significant contributions to the campus or the AUC student body. The application process is currently underway and I can’t wait to read them, as part of the selection committee, to learn more about some of our outstanding students. These awards will be presented for the first time during the Thanksgiving celebration next month.

These same attributes are celebrated in our incoming students in the Community Outreach Award and the MERP Advancer Award. The Community Outreach Award honors students who have significantly impacted and shown exceptional dedication to their home communities. The MERP Advancer Award honors an academically excellent MERP student who also demonstrates leadership among peers during the MERP program. These awards are part of a broader AUC strategy to encourage students to develop a service orientation by partnering with others to build community capital in country St. Maarten, in AUC, and in the communities where they complete clinical rotations.

We have also created a selection of scholarships designed for less traditional students:

  • Students who come from the background of another health profession bring fresh perspectives to the student body and we are honoring these students with a Career Commitment Scholarship

  • We also chose to celebrate students who were taking the journey to become the first physician in their family with the First Generation MD Award. Personally, I found the applications for this award the most amazing. Our awardees for the September semester were not only the first in their families to attend medical school, but college as well, and each had overcome some incredible obstacles to get to where they were. They embody resilience, another characteristic we celebrate in our medical students. 

  • International students bring different experiences to the student body and we developed scholarships for St. Maarten residents and Canadian students to add diversity to the class. 

We continue to award academic scholarships to recognize students with high academic achievement prior to joining our institution. We understand that attending medical school requires a substantial financial commitment, and these scholarships are just one technique we use to invest in our students.

On that note: congratulations, on behalf of everyone at AUC, to all September 2014 students who were selected for scholarship awards!

Dr. Heidi Chumley

Posted October 28, 2014 12:48 PM

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