AUC Dean Heidi Chumley, MD
AUC Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer Heidi Chumley, MD

Did you know that many medical school students don’t know what specialty they will choose until their final year of study? Having gone through medical school and residency myself, I know it can be challenging to really determine which specialty is right for you.

But it’s never too early to start thinking about it. So on  Oct. 22,  we held a webinar focused on that very question. We recorded it for those who weren't able to make the live event. Listen to the recorded version here.

In this webinar, you'll explore a specialty area that is very close to my heart: family medicine. Before I was appointed dean of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), I practiced family medicine full time. It’s a unique specialty—one with some benefits that may surprise you.

Ron Gagne, MD, the faculty advisor for AUC’s student-led family medicine interest group, led the webinar. You'll learn about a wide range of topics:

  • Career and practice opportunities for family medicine doctors
  • The lifestyle of a family medicine practitioner, including average work hours per week, the number of patients you’ll likely see, and more
  • Why family medicine can offer a higher degree of flexibility than other medical disciplines
  • The professional—and personal—rewards associated with their medical disciplines
  • What it takes to ultimately succeed and thrive in the profession

Go here to listen to the recording.

After you've listened, I encourage you to check out this video from Abrar Ismail, MD, an AUC-trained, board-certified family medicine physician, for more insight into the profession. I hope you get some great educational value out of these resources.

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—Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer Heidi Chumley, MD

Dr. Heidi Chumley

Posted October 23, 2015 10:28 AM

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