At American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), we understand that every medical school student is different, with his or her own unique needs and learning styles. We all absorb knowledge in different ways, and that’s something that holds true whether you’re studying gross anatomy or you’re simply exploring the curriculum of a medical school before you apply.

That’s why, at AUC, we hold two very different types of admissions events:

  • Open Houses: General, big-picture events—ideal for students at all stages of the medical school enrollment process who want to get a broad-based look at the entirety of AUC’s program
  • Up Close events: Smaller events, held in more intimate settings, that facilitate one-on-one interactions and open dialogue between prospective students and admissions counselors and attending alumni (if available).

View our event listings and see if we're holding an Open House or Up Close event near you. We’ll go into more detail on these live events further below. And be sure to check out the video below to hear, directly from one of our graduates, why you should attend one of our events.

AUC Open Houses: a broad look

At our Open House events, you can expect a general, big-picture look at the entire AUC experience—from enrollment, to academia, to clinicals, and then to residency—via an engaging presentation, an alumni panel, and an audience Q&A session. We welcome students from all stages of their medical school journey, whether you’re in the early stages of planning for medical school or are close to making an enrollment decision.
At these events, you can:

  • Learn from admissions officers and faculty about how you may fit within AUC’s culture
  • Hear alumni tell their stories: what led them to attend AUC, what their experience was like, and how AUC helped them meet their residency and career goals
  • Meet AUC admissions representatives and learn about the enrollment process, including what steps you’ll need to take to potentially be granted an interview, plus financial aid, scholarships, and more

AUC Up Close: an even more personal event

AUC Up Close events offer students the opportunity to learn more about AUC and meet with admissions officers in an intimate setting with a smaller group of people. Up Close events are designed to foster open discussion as well as one-on-one interactions. AUC Up Close events are good for students at all stages of the application process, and are especially effective for students who are approaching a decision about attending medical school. At these events you can:

  • Receive personalized guidance regarding your readiness as a medical school candidate and any additional steps you can take to increase your viability as an applicant
  • Learn about the admissions process, particularly the crucial final steps from application to interview
  • Ask questions about financial aid and scholarships

We hope to see you at one of our live events. If you're ready to take the next step, see below.

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