Dr. Joy Checa Named Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs


Joy Checa, MD, MSc, MBA has been promoted to Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. In this new role, Dr. Checa will collaborate with and support AUC’s other academic and student affairs deans in two major areas: 1) to design new initiatives to support students’ academic success, with a particular emphasis on core clerkships and electives, and 2) to further strengthen students’ experience at AUC, with a significant focus on the transition from medical sciences to clinical sciences.

Dr. Checa graduated from AUC in 2013 and began consulting for the university in October of that year. She was a member of the first cohort of Clinical Education Fellows at AUC and was involved in the design of both the Transition to Clinical Medicine (TCM) program and the Clinical Student Government Association (CSGA). Over the past four and a half years, she has worked on AUC’s integrated curriculum mapping, initiated Step 2 CS exam readiness programs, and expanded access to online learning resources, including the January, 2018 launch of Canvas for clinical students. While assuming new responsibilities, she will continue to lead the TCM program and supervise the Clinical Education Fellows.