First-semester students have the opportunity to live in on-campus apartments adjacent to campus. This facility features beautifully furnished one- and two-bedroom units. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. A $1,650 security deposit is required to reserve housing. The per person rental fee is:

  • Single bedroom; single occupancy (total occupants: 1): $5,575/semester

  • Double bedroom; single occupancy (total occupants: 2): $4,750/semester


  • Furnished apartments (dining room table/chairs, sofa, bed, desk/chair)

  • Spacious, fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and microwave

  • Bathroom for each bedroom

  • Wired for telephone, wireless internet, and cable TV

  • Air conditioning

  • Dining and living area

  • Many have balconies with breathtaking ocean views

  • All have magnificent views; open to trade winds

  • Recreational amenities, including a fully equipped gym

  • Walking distance to the beach

  • Breezeways and shaded exterior areas

Please note the following:

  • Married students and students with children are advised to seek off-campus housing.

  • Pets are not permitted in AUC student apartments.



AUC students have the opportunity to live on and off-campus. AUC's Department of Housing maintains a database of off-campus housing options from which you can search based on criteria such as housing time, amenities, and price levels.  Additionally, the Roommate Finder feature provides you with the ability to search for potential roommates among your fellow students.  


AUC students live in a variety of towns near the AUC campus. Popular areas for students include:

  • Beacon Hill

  • Cupecoy Beach

  • Pelican Key

  • Point Pirouette

  • Simpson Bay

The monthly cost for off-campus rental will depend on such things as quality, location, pet fees, and whether or not utilities are included. Some additional thoughts to consider when selecting off-campus housing:

  • Choose an apartment that is exposed to the trade winds so that you reduce the need for air conditioning

  • Inquire about utility costs with previous tenants and the landlord before signing a lease

To begin browsing the online database, finding roommates, contacting landlords, and initiating the lease process, please click here.

Please note that AUC does not serve as a rental agent for students and is not responsible for the contract terms between landowner and tenant.

Off-Campus Housing Complaint/Mediation Request Form

If you have any issues with your off-campus accommodations, or need our assistance on resolving issues that are not being addressed by your landlord or owner’s representative, please complete this form at the same time you inform your landlord of the issue. Doing so will allow us to track the issue while you work with the landlord on your requests.

If, after a reasonable amount of time, problems are not addressed or corrected, we can work to facilitate a reasonable resolution.