AUC School of Medicine Requirements

AUC's Admissions Committee considers many factors when reviewing an applicant for acceptance to medical school. Our MD program is open to qualified candidates who have completed undergraduate requirements for medical school. They must possess a first degree, minimum Bachelor’s or equivalent, in any discipline (science-focused study preferable but not mandatory), from an accredited university. We encourage all applicants to speak with a member of our admissions team to discuss their opportunity to attend AUC, including the competitiveness of their MCAT scores, GPA and other Caribbean medical school requirements.


While plenty of physicians have dreamed of being a doctor since childhood, many take a little longer to decide that medicine is their calling.


AUC welcomes applications from qualified candidates around the world. Our internationally recognized medical program offers a rigorous academic experience modeled after the US medical school curriculum. 


If you are seeking to transfer to AUC School of Medicine, you should complete the form on our website.