Clinical Connections

  • Reflections from Dean Hecht

    Spotlight on Specialties

    Unlike many of my classmates, I entered medical school without a clue as to what type of physician I wanted to be. It wasn’t until my third year that my experiences began to have an enormous influence on my decision. My first clerkship was Internal Medicine. I loved the long-term patient relationships but craved something more fast-paced. My next core clerkship was General Surgery. I enjoyed the drama and satisfaction of immediate results but missed my patients once their post-op care was complete. Pediatrics and Psychiatry were interesting but didn’t inspire me.

  • Scholarly Connection

    Personality as a Prognostic Factor for Specialty Choice

    Today state governments, professional organizations, and healthcare entities are pursuing initiatives to increase the number of medical schools and medical school graduates in the United States. This surge to augment the availability of medical care for a population that is older and more ethnically diverse than in prior decades inevitably raises the issue of access to primary care. In this 2008 study, authors examined the relationship between a 5-factor personality model and specialty choice for 4 classes of medical school graduates.

  • Clinical SGA Connection

    Fourth Year Student Raul Madrigal on Finding His Calling in Psychiatry

    Fourth year student and Laredo, Texas native Raul Madrigal has served as Clinical Student Government Association (CSGA) representative for Florida since August 2017. Earlier this year, Raul was offered and accepted a pre-Match position in Psychiatry at Metropolitan Hospital, which is affiliated with New York Medical College in New York City. In this article, Raul discusses the factors that led him to psychiatry and shares advice for medical students as they approach clinicals.

  • Planning Your Career

    Advice from an AUC Residency Advisor

    According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, there are more than 120 specialties and sub-specialties in medicine today. For medical students in their clinical years, deciding on a medical specialty can feel overwhelming, especially as the residency application period looms. AUC’s Office of Student Professional Development works with students to develop a roadmap for the future and collaborates with each individual to understand career goals and values, and position students for the Match.

  • Faculty Connection

    How Maternal Health Became a Passion for Dr. Sophia Stone

    Spend just a few moments with Dr. Sophia Stone and it is easy to see why women and families trust her with their pregnancies. Intelligent, courteous, soft-spoken while still self-assured, she has the kind of presence that women often look for in an obstetrician or gynecologist. They are also qualities that make her a valuable mentor for AUC medical students.

  • Fellowship Spotlight

    Gynecologic Oncology

    Fellowships offer a pathway for physicians to hone their skills in a subspecialty through structured training and research, and the options continue to expand. Among the new additions to the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) Fellowship Match for 2018 is gynecologic oncology, which focuses on the study and treatment of malignancies arising in the female reproductive tract.

  • Alumni Connection

    Dr. PJ Miller Leads the Country in Hematology and Critical Care

    Few physicians in this country are double board-certified in both Hematology and Critical Care Medicine. AUC alumnus Dr. PJ Miller happens to be one of them. Dr. Miller’s career has been shaped by years of post-graduate education and training, and a growing realization that the futures of cancer/hematology care and intensive care are intertwined. Now, as Associate Medical Director of the Medical Oncology Intensive Care Unit at Wake Forest Medical Center, he is leading this new field of medicine.

  • Countdown to Match

    How You Can Celebrate with AUC

    It’s officially Match Week, the time when medical students around the country prepare to learn where they will be doing residency. The week culminates in Match Day on Friday, March 16 with the reveal of participants’ residency placement. For AUC students, the news comes in the form of an email at 1:00pm ET from the National Resident Matching Program. While the wait to Friday can feel agonizing, Match Day is one of the most anticipated and exciting day in students’ medical career.

  • Conference Opportunities

    Engage in Clinical Research and Scholarship Activities

    For the second consecutive year, AUC is proud to host a regional clinical symposium for third and fourth year medical students and clinical faculty. Set in Rye Brook, New York on Saturday, May 12, this year’s meeting will focus on challenges and emerging innovations in global health. AUC students at nearby clinical sites are encouraged to attend. Registration is free and AUC will provide transportation.

  • Need to Know

    Important news, events and activities related to AUC's clinical program

    Twice a year, AUC conducts a Student Experience Survey to collect insights and information about the university, and how we can continually improve your experience while at AUC. On Monday, March 19, the Spring 2018 survey will open for two weeks. To make this survey meaningful, we need as many students as possible to participate. Your feedback will help guide efforts to address student concerns and issues, set and pursue goals for improvement, and provide reinforcement to areas that are already viewed as strong.