Scholarship Winner Inspired by '99 AUC Grad

When Jawed Safi began shadowing physicians at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN, he knew he would gain valuable experience for his medical school applications. Little did he know that he would also forge a remarkable connection with AUC graduate Ravi Madasu, MD ‘99 and earn a competitive scholarship to AUC with Dr. Madasu’s recommendation.

Valued at $21,695—the full cost of first semester’s tuition—AUC’s Alumni Heritage Scholarship is awarded to incoming students who have a work or volunteer history with an AUC graduate. The scholarship is one of many that AUC awards to qualified students to help fund their medical education.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, Jawed started working as a scribe in the Baptist emergency room in late 2015. There, he had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Madasu, the assistant director and resident coordinator of the emergency department. Dr. Madasu soon took note of Jawed’s aptitude for the work.

“I supervise residents daily, and Jawed has many characteristics that I look for in a resident: hard work, professionalism, asking thoughtful questions, and a genuine interest in all aspects of patient care,” Dr. Madasu said.

At the same time, Jawed looked up to Dr. Madasu as a role model. He saw the effort that Dr. Madasu took to ensure a patient fully understood their diagnosis, while answering their questions with patience and empathy. He felt the respect and appreciation that Dr. Madasu had for each member of his staff, and how that enabled them to work effectively as a team. He spoke with Dr. Madasu about his goals for the future and how best to achieve them.

“Having Dr. Madasu as a mentor inspires me to become a physician who goes beyond his typical duties for the patients,” Jawed said.

Today, Jawed is a first-semester student at AUC, following in Dr. Madasu’s footsteps. And for his part, Dr. Madasu is glad that he could play a role in helping Jawed take the next step in his journey to become a physician.

“I am really proud that Jawed has chosen AUC to pursue his medical education,” Dr. Madasu said.