3 New Academic Scholarships

AUC has launched three new scholarships to recognize incoming students with superior academic achievements.

“At AUC we seek to enroll a diverse student population, including students who have performed at a very high level academically,” said Tiffany Ciolek, Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment at AUC. “We are proud to expand our scholarship offering to help offset the cost of education for incoming students with particularly outstanding academics.”   

The new academic scholarship programs at AUC include:

  • The Trustees Academic Excellence Scholarship, which covers the first semester of tuition at AUC, will be awarded to students who score at least 510 on the MCAT (or 30 for the old MCAT) and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.7.
  • The Dean’s Academic Scholarship, a one-time award of $10,000, will be granted to students with an MCAT score of at least 505 (or 28 for the old MCAT) and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5.
  • The Academic Merit Scholarship, an award of $5,000, will be granted to students with an MCAT score of at least 500 (or 25 for the older version of the exam) and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.3.

The awards are available immediately and open to medical students applying for AUC’s May 2018 term. All awards are distributed as a credit towards the first semester tuition. Students who meet scholarship eligibility requirements will automatically receive the award upon acceptance to AUC. If an eligible student has already been accepted for the May 2018 term, he or she will be retroactively reviewed and notified of an award.

With the addition of the Trustees Academic Excellence Scholarship, Dean’s Academic Scholarship, and Academic Merit Scholarship, AUC’s scholarship portfolio now includes 15 different programs for current and incoming medical students. The school’s diverse scholarship program offers monetary support to students with financial need who bring strong records of academic achievement, community service, and determination to their educational pursuit.

View the full list of scholarship offerings.

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