Residency Attainment & Placement Rates

Four AUC medical students preparing for residency placementPreparing our students to attain a residency placement is one of AUC’s highest priorities. Each year, AUC graduates apply for and obtain residencies in a variety of postgraduate training programs throughout the United States and Canada. 

Fast Residency Facts

  • 2019 Match: As of March 15, 2019, AUC graduates earned 346 residency positions and a residency attainment rate of 90%.
  • 2019 Residency Attainment List: View AUC's 2019 residency list to find out where our graduates attained residencies this year.
  • 2018 Match: Nearly 300 AUC graduates matched into positions in 38 US states, and graduates seeking a residency position for the first time achieved an 84.5% residency attainment rate.
  • 2018 Residency Attainment List: View AUC's 2018 residency list and interactive map to find out where our graduates attained residencies in 2018.
  • 2018 Residency Report: View AUC's 2018 Residency Report detailing residency placements and specialties.
  • 2017 Residency Report: Our 2017 Residency Report takes a deep dive into this year's residency data, using infographics, charts, and detailed explanations to show how our graduates performed in the 2017 Match. Download AUC's full 2017 residency report here.
  • Specialties: In general, graduates earn placements in specialties like neurology, surgery, and anesthesiology; placements in very competitive programs, such as ophthalmology; and primary care disciplines, like internal medicine and pediatrics.
  • Chief Residents: Each year AUC graduates report that they have been named Chief Resident in their program. View a list of graduates named Chief Resident or Fellow for 2018-19