2017 Residency Placements

Fast Facts: AUC Residencies for 2017

  • AUC's first-time residency attainment rate for 2017 is 84.4%.
  • This year, more than 270 graduates matched into a wide variety of specialties—like child neurology, ophthalmology, general surgery, pediatrics, radiology, and emergency medicine, as well as primary care disciplines.
  • We're proud that more than 180 graduates filled positions in family medicine, pediatrics, or internal medicine, many in underserved areas. Given the AAMC prediction of a primary care physician shortage by 2030, we think that's important, and we're proud to help fill this critical, impending need for healthcare providers.

Read AUC's 2017 Residency Report

Our 2017 Residency Report takes a deep dive into this year's residency data, using infographics, charts, and detailed explanations to show how our graduates performed in the 2017 Match. 

Explore AUC's full 2017 residency report here.

Review Full List of 2017 AUC Residencies

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