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view of the Sint Maarten campus
Why Apply for January?

Here are a few reasons to consider enrolling in AUC’s January class - smaller incoming class sizes, more flexibility and time to prepare for USMLE exams. Learn more!
Emergency Medicine
How to Become an Emergency Medicine Doctor

How to Become an Emergency Medicine Doctor. AUC explains what type of medical school and residency training is necessary to become an emergency medicine physician.
Molly Kallen headshot
6 Questions with Dr. Molly Kallins (Class of 2018)

From performing on Broadway to medical school in the Caribbean, the path of Molly Kallins’ MD was anything but traditional. We sat down with the 2018 graduate for advice on finding the perfect fit in a medical school, what life was like in Sint Maarten, and how AUC School of Medicine impacted her personal and professional life.
Dr. Chinedu
6 Questions with Dr. Chinedu Obi (Class of 2019)

What was it like growing up in Nigeria? My childhood was great! Enugu is a beautiful, industrious and progressive city in southeastern Nigeria. I grew up with four siblings who are still my best friends today, so there was never a dull moment!
Raul Madrigal headshot
Clinical SGA Connection

Fourth year student and Laredo, Texas native Raul Madrigal has served as Clinical Student Government Association (CSGA) representative for Florida since August 2017. Earlier this year, Raul was offered and accepted a pre-Match position in Psychiatry at Metropolitan Hospital, which is affiliated with New York Medical College in New York City. In this article, Raul discusses the factors that led him to psychiatry and shares advice for medical students as they approach clinicals.
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