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Neha Dayalani-Vaswani
On Lead Poisoning, Pediatrics, and AUC With Dr. Neha Dayalani-Vaswani

Dr. Dayalani-Vaswani, a pediatrician certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, earned her MD at AUC in 2017 before doing her pediatric residency at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. Her time in Flint was marked by the city’s lead contamination water crisis, which harmed numerous children as well as adults.
Alexey Podcheko
Thyroid Awareness With Dr. Alexey Podcheko

To begin the new year, consider a resolution that may help keep you healthy — or at least more informed — throughout the year: learning about the thyroid gland.
Ian Scobie
Understanding Diabetes: Insights From Dr. Ian Scobie, MD, FRCP

Ahead of National Diabetes Month in November, we sat down with Dr. Ian Scobie, assistant clinical dean, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. Dr. Scobie has written extensively on diabetes, including An Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus, which he is currently revising for its fourth edition. 
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