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“Remember Your ‘Why’”: Ebenezer Rosiji Shares Study Tips for Medical Students

Fifth-semester AUC School of Medicine student Ebenezer Rosiji was recently honored with the Tarek Abi-Saab Peer Tutor Award for his dedication towards tutoring his peers in medical sciences courses. Aruna Ullal, Academic Support Counselor, caught up with Ebenezer to learn more about his own study habits and passion for teaching others.

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Learning Basic Life Support in a Clinical Setting

Beginning in the first semester, AUC students are exposed to the concept of clinical medicine and gradually apply and practice their skills through the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. Student ambassadors Shalom Adams and Allen Tsiyer discuss their experiences with Basic Life Support as a key facet of the course, and how it’s bolstered their own preparedness for clinical rotations.

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Why Apply for May?

Smaller class sizes, more flexibility and time to prepare for USMLE exams, and more time to schedule electives are just a few of the benefits.

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Student Perspective: Recharging After Exams

Fourth-semester student Shalom Adams reflects on how going to the beach after an exam has become an AUC tradition to get some much-needed relaxation, and prepare for the semester ahead.