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Careers In Medical Research

Thinking of pursuing a career in medical research? In this blog, we discuss how to start a career in medical research and the qualifications needed.
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Guide On Becoming A Doctor Later In Life

Are you over 40 and thinking about becoming a doctor? AUC has created a guide for those who decide to become a physician later in life. Read on to learn how to embark on the career path you always dreamed of.
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Skills That Make A Good Physician

We know what educational requirements are needed to become a doctor, but what exactly makes a good doctor? In this blog, AUC details the skills and qualifications that make a good physician. Read on to learn more!
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MSPE Tips for Applying to Residency After Medical School

Want your residency application to stand out from the crowd? AUC details noteworthy tips and guidelines to help you create a physician residency application and help you land the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
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Virtual Interview Tips For Medical Students

For prospective medical students, applying to a quality medical school—such as the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC)—may be a difficult and sometimes intimidating process. You’ve collected your test scores, written your personal statements and other essays, requested letters of recommendation, and now you’ve been invited to a medical school interview. The interview is online, and you’ve never participated in a virtual interview before, so you’re a little nervous. Never fear! This article provides some helpful virtual interview tips for medical school that can help you ace your interview.
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What To Expect On Your MCAT Test Day

As your MCAT exam day comes closer you may be wondering what to expect on that day. In this blog, AUC details what you can anticipate and tips to help make it go smoothly
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Should I Go To Med School?

Many students exploring different career paths often wonder at some point, “Should I go to med school?”. A career as a doctor can be incredibly rewarding, enabling you to make a difference in the lives of others while having a financially secure career, but this career path is not for everyone. 
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How to Become a Physiatrist

In this blog, AUC explains what type of medical school and residency training is necessary to become a physiatrist.
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Residency Personal Statement

Want your residency personal statement to stand out from the crowd? AUC details tips and guidelines to help you create an outstanding residency personal statement.