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When Should You Get Your Thyroid Checked?

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and gaining weight even with a healthy diet and regular exercise? Are you feeling anxious or irritable for no reason? Do you have a rapid heartbeat? It could be time to get your thyroid checked
White Coat Ceremony 2023
Advancing Women in Medicine

This month and every month, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) celebrates the progress women have made and continue to make in medicine, while also highlighting opportunities to increase gender equality in the field.
Alexey Podcheko
Thyroid Awareness With Dr. Alexey Podcheko

To begin the new year, consider a resolution that may help keep you healthy — or at least more informed — throughout the year: learning about the thyroid gland.
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What You Should Know About an Endocrinologist

Learn why seeing an endocrinologist is essential for managing hormonal disorders like diabetes and thyroid issues and discover treatment options and diagnostic procedures.