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Global Health Issues, Challenges and Trends

Globally, the rate of deaths is growing. Read this blog to learn what are the current global health issues, what are the challenges, and why global health is so important.
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PA vs MD: What's the Difference?

Wondering what the difference is between a PA vs MD? Compare the roles of a physician assistant and doctor to determine which career would be best aligned with your goals. Read more!
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How to Become a Doctor

Training to become a doctor is an exciting, yet lengthy process. With so many exams, program types, and medical school requirements, this process can feel overwhelming. We’ve broken this process into four smaller steps to guide you towards your dream of becoming a doctor. 
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Why Apply for May?

Here are a few reasons to consider enrolling in AUC’s May class - smaller class sizes, more flexibility and time to prepare for USMLE exams. Learn more!
Match 2022
What is Match Day

Each year, medical students await Match Day with anticipation. On the third Friday of every March, thousands of graduating medical students will learn where they will be training for residency for the next several years. Residency is where doctors train in a specialty, so “The MATCH℠,” has a huge impact on the student’s future.
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