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MBBS Students in Class with an eye
The Three Types Of Eye Doctors

Eye doctors are distinguished by their specialties in eye care. Here, we highlight the roles and responsibilities of Optometrists, Ophthalmologists & Opticians.
Ian Scobie
Understanding Diabetes: Insights From Dr. Ian Scobie, MD, FRCP

Ahead of National Diabetes Month in November, we sat down with Dr. Ian Scobie, assistant clinical dean, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. Dr. Scobie has written extensively on diabetes, including An Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus, which he is currently revising for its fourth edition. 
view of the Sint Maarten campus
Why Apply for January?

Here are a few reasons to consider enrolling in AUC’s January class - smaller incoming class sizes, more flexibility and time to prepare for USMLE exams. Learn more!