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Heather Christopherson standing next to AUC seal
Business Owner-Turned-MD Earns 1st Choice Residency

Heather Christopherson, MD ’17 always had deep respect for the medical profession, but she didn’t necessarily see herself in that white coat. Turns out, she changed careers and went to medical school, after all.
Dr. Zubair Siddiqui headshot
Alum Draws on Past Careers to Succeed in Medicine

Patient care, says Zubair Siddiqui, MD, is all about problem-solving. And he should know, too: As a veteran of the United States Air Force, an engineer by trade, and now a physician, he’s trained to solve problems of all shapes and sizes.
Faculty headshot
This Father of Two Traded in Sales for Scrubs

As a pharmaceutical salesman, Michael McGlue had worked in the health care industry for several years and held a Master of Health Administration. But something was missing in his health care career—namely, the “care” part.
Woman standing in front of the London Eye
Part 2: It’s A Match for Dr. Tomilade Adepoju in Ophthalmology

During last year’s Match Week, we interviewed Dr. Tomilade Adepoju—a fourth year student on the cusp of graduation who earned a pre-residency ophthalmology fellowship at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Adepoju spoke about the importance of such a coveted fellowship in her pursuit of an ophthalmology residency and career.
Student standing outside in front of palm trees
Scholarship Winner Draws Inspiration from His Refugee Parents

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Emran Hassanzada’s parents fled the country. Like so many refugees, they left everything behind—careers, a home, friends and family—for a shot at a better life. They were chasing the American Dream.

Student looking at iPad
How The New MCAT is Being Assessed by Medical Schools

In an opinion editorial published in  MedPage Today, Dean Heidi Chumley, MD, discusses preliminary takeaways from the new Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), which was revamped in 2015. Her article focuses on 5 key observations from the AAMC’s 2017 MCAT guide, including: