Community outreach
Meet the January 2019 Community Outreach Scholarship Awardees

An important part of AUC’s mission is educating physicians with a lifelong commitment to public health and community service. We’re proud to recognize the students in our January 2019 class who received the Community Outreach Award for exceptional dedication to their communities, hospitals, or charities.

Faculty Friday Spotlight: Dr. Ravindra Beedimani

Ravindra Beedimani, MBBS, MD, has been a part of AUC’s faculty on and off for nearly a decade. After starting as Associate Professor of Pharmacology in 2007, he was asked to chair the department and serve as course director from 2011-2013. After a 5-year teaching position with Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research Center in India, rejoined AUC’s faculty in September 2018 as Professor of Pharmacology. His teaching interests include clinical pharmacokinetics, endocrine pharmacology, cancer chemotherapy, and antimicrobial agents.

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Faculty Friday Spotlight: Dr. Margaret Colden

Dr. Colden earned her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Texas Medical Branch and completed postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Institute, where she also served as a Research Physiologist.

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AUC Graduates Earn 2019 Fellowship Positions

Physicians interested in furthering their expertise in a particular disease area, organ system, or surgical technique often choose to pursue post-graduate fellowship training. But first, they have to apply to and interview with fellowship programs in a process similar to the residency match.

Naira Chobanyan headshot
Faculty Friday Spotlight: Dr. Naira Chobanyan

Dr. Chobanyan received her MD with highest honors designation from Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia, her PhD in Oncology from Moscow Medical Academy, and her Doctor of Medical Sciences from All-Union Cancer Research Center from the Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. She has more than 20 years of practice experience in surgical oncology, medical oncology, diagnostic and internal medicine in Europe. As a professor of clinical medicine at AUC, Dr. Chobanyan develops students’ clinical skills through ICM small group teaching classes. She also established and now directs the university’s Clinical Medicine Fellowship program, which connects AUC graduates with clinical research and teaching projects in Sint Maarten. Their work has included novel studies on breast abnormalities and type 2 diabetes in Caribbean populations.

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St. Maarten and Beyond: 6 Nearby Islands to Visit

Living on St. Maarten means you're just a short ferry or plane ride away from several other islands -- many of which are top vacation destinations for their natural beauty, renowned diving and hiking opportunities, and other attractions.