Now, more than ever we believe that the complex healthcare landscape of tomorrow will require a different type of doctor—one who is capable of working as part of a cohesive team to deliver empathetic, extraordinary care to a diverse patient population. For more than 40 years, AUC School of Medicine’s internationally recognized medical program has been offering a rigorous education model, designed to develop an in-depth understanding of different healthcare systems and patient populations. You will learn from knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members, and are able to train in unique global settings. With transformative clinical opportunities in the United States, United Kingdom and abroad.





AUC operates under a rolling admissions policy. This means we offer three start dates—September, January, and May. This gives you the freedom to start medical school when it's right for you.


AUC has awarded more than $24.3 Million USD in scholarships since 2009. Students may be eligible up to  $69,720 in scholarships.*

AUC School of Medicine is committed to providing medical students with information to help them fund their education through student loan programs and medical school financial aid. AUC is approved for participation in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans). Students who wish to participate are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

*Scholarships available for those who apply and qualify.

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The foundation of our educational model is built on a collaborative learning environment with small incoming class sizes and access to expert faculty. Our expert faculty hold MD, PhD and/or equivalent degrees.

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Complete Clinical Rotations in the US or UK AUC’s affiliated teaching hospitals. Plus, gain valuable clinical experience via our global electives. Complete rotations in five international locations: Dominican Republic, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe and gain exposure to different healthcare settings and systems, and diverse patient populations.

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AUC grads obtain residency positions in a variety of postgraduate training programs throughout the United States and Canada. AUC’s 2020-21 graduating class achieved a 91% first-time eligible residency attainment rate. Learn more about AUC's Residency success.


AUC School of Medicine’s programs prepare our students to practice in the US, Canada, UK, and beyond.