Faculty Friday Spotlight: Dr. Charlotte Rhodes

As part of our Faculty Friday series, AUC recently sat down with Dr. Charlotte Rhodes, Associate Professor of Anatomy in Sint Maarten, to learn more about her teaching position and hobbies outside of the classroom. Dr. Rhodes joined the AUC faculty in January 2015 and teaches gross anatomy, is the anatomy course director, and oversees students in the anatomy teaching assistant program.

Describe an experience that helped form you as an educator.

As an undergraduate student, I endured lectures that were very boring. Delivery was very faculty-directed with no student interaction. It was a challenge to concentrate in such lectures and even harder to retain the information. I vowed that as a teacher I did not want to put my students through such trauma. My teaching style is therefore very student-focused and interactive. I consider myself more a facilitator of learning rather than a teacher. The knowledge and facts exist, and it is my role to present it in such a way that it speaks to all students, regardless of their learning style.


How did you become convinced that you should come to AUC? 

My previous position did not focus on teaching and when I did get the opportunity to teach, it gave me the buzz that I enjoyed in a job. I decided I needed a role that included more student interaction and teaching. AUC offered this opportunity, and it was on a beautiful Caribbean island. 


What is your favorite thing about teaching at AUC?

Providing students an opportunity to follow their dream, which they may not have done without AUC. 


What are some of your favorite things about Sint Maarten? 

Warm weather, small community, easy international travel options.


How would you like for students to describe you years from now?

A faculty member and leader who challenged them and made the knowledge stick!


What makes you look forward to the start of a new semester?

The eager new students keen to begin their journey towards a rewarding career.


What’s something that not many people know about you or that your students would be surprised to learn about you?

I bake and decorate cakes -- this is my creative outlet.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I run marathons! I have run four marathons since I began running again in 2012. I am currently working towards completing all six world majors. I have completed four of the six: Chicago, New York. London, and Berlin. I have Tokyo and Boston left.